Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dreaming from the Knee, Part 4

An ongoing journal about dreams that I have after taking my painkillers, while I recover from knee-replacement surgery.

THE PART THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: The Good Lady Wife and I watched the episode of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" which featured Margaret Cho.

THE SUBSEQUENT DREAM: I'm late for class. I was supposed to leave at 6:50, but it is now 7:16, so I'll have to drive in. Since I am in college [this IS a dream-Ed.], if I miss my first class, no big deal. I am making the best time I can in traffic, but my head gets turned by a show. On a Tuesday morning, a club is featuring a show. Paul Reiser, rather rudely walks past me  and I turn to him and say, "Moth******r, do you not see me?"["this had better be a dream!"-God], which he doesn't hear.

Talk into the coffee cup, ma'am...
I realize that I haven't bought a ticket, so I do. Reiser is the opening act, and a rather flamboyant stage revue featuring drag queens and other gaudily dressed folks dancing and singing. I sit near the front, with my special coffee cup. The show ends and I find that, full, half-full or empty, my cup is a recording device. I hit a button on the the side and it cuts miniature 45s for each recording. The performers love me and most are willing to talk. One of the people on the periphery declines ("Dignity and privacy, y'know", and I certainly understand).

As I am walking out of the club, one of the female performers is stopped by another performer. "Roof tape!", someone says, because this woman is walking out with something that the crew needs. "Don't forget your porn!", someone else shouts. They all laugh and someone makes a comment about cats and glycogen in some indistinct Asian accent and that's all I recall.

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