Sunday, October 28, 2018

Dreaming From the Knee

I've done my knee replacement, which means that I am also taking painkillers. What this means, apparently, is that when I doze off, I have odd dreams.  Here is one of them.

I'm riding in a cab with another Black man. Some smooth Jazz finishes playing and the DJ says that the song we heard featured the saxophone of John Clarence [it's a dream, there is no such player, to my knowledge-Ed.]. The DJ then says something about lonely women on Saturday, which cracks up my cabmate and I laugh the communal laugh that shows that I am one of the guys, not necessarily that I thought that the joke was funny.

The traffic in New York City is horrible, so instead of waiting for traffic to let up, I decide to get out and ride my bicycle across the Triboro Bridge. I climb a long, green plastic ladder, with the bike on my back [hoo-BOY, is this a dream-Ed.], so I can then get on my bike and ride across the bridge. What I find is green plastic track, fit more for a toy train than a car and some sort of machine that looks like a one-armed bandit with pictures of the Kinks on it. The music coming from it is Dave Davies' "Death of a Clown" and to the tempo of the music another part of the bandit reads, "Death of a Clown", "Width of a Clown", "Weight of a Clown"...

I try to get onto the bridge, but what I to hold on to feels like empty luggage or empty typewriter cases. In any case, none of these objects are particularly stable. I grab onto one, start to fall backwards, I start to fall off the bridge and...

I woke up.

I didn't say it would make sense, I just said it was a dream I had.

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