Friday, October 26, 2018

"The Knee Plays" (without having to listen to Philip Glass)

Over twenty years ago, I damaged by ACL in my left knee. My overnight stay was pockmarked by OJ Simpson coverage so the choices I had during my first overnight stay in the hospital were breaking news and an old movie.

The movie was "War and Peace". YOU try coming in on the middle of that thing and try to make sense of it.

The doctor warned me that arthritis could be a real possibility in the future and has been affecting my gait, so this week, I've had a knee replacement. Since none of my so-called "friends" would not donate theirs, I decided to have an artificial one put in. The police are apparently happy that I no longer...I mean, NEVER..heh, heh, rob people's knees.

Flippancy aside, the surgery went well, the doctor and the hospital were top-notch and I am able to rest comfortably. Rehab is a bear, but I expected that after having to do similar work when I had ligament surgery.

Kudos (there is no such thing as a KUDO, dog-bite it!) to:

1. My family, in particular my Good Lady Wife Rhonda. If everyone had a partner like her, the world would be a happier place, although I seen't her first and y'all better...I mean, thank you, Sweetheart.

2. My workmates have been very supportive in allowing me time off to recover. Such consideration and caring is a top-down affair, so thanks to Jon VanderMeer for being a great and supportive boss.

Had it not been for him, I would not have met the amazing Kody Duhon. Years ago, I weighed 254 pounds and was on my way to diabetes. Duhon and the Jungle Fitness Atlanta crew took time to help me lose weight which afforded me a better experience for this knee replacement. I don't think, I KNOW that if I hadn't been under their care, things would not be as good as they are now, concerning rehab. (there is a testimonial there from you-know-who and I can vouch for its accuracy).

3. The team at Piedmont Hospital. If anyone is contemplating this surgery in the Atlanta area, PM me and I will gladly share the names of the folks at Peachtree Orthopedics.

4. I don't give kudos to the Lord (Waytago, God-baby!), I THANK the Lord. I remember the pain of my first surgery and recovery and there is pain, but a great deal less than the first time.

5. I'm getting around with a cane, so I've got that Everett Sloane in "The Lady from Shanghai"-thang going on, but I'm getting better (Sloane's about two minutes in). It's a good movie all the way around, but this sequence is a classic.

Thanks, everyone. Sorry to go on for so long.

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